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Upcoming dates

April 2017 - North Coast Plan to be released.


North Coast Plan due in April




It has been a long time but the North Coast Plan is due to be released in April. "There was considerable community interest in the Draft North Coast Regional Plan during the feedback period". Well, yes! We particularly did not like the proposal that Valla be defined as a potential mining area for the next twenty years.


But some good news. Hexagon Resources has relinquished the exploration licence, EL-6702, that was hanging over our beautiful valley. It was "not considered to be prospective for Hexagon" when I enquired at their office. So, the Department of Planning now has no reason to consider that Valla is a potential quarry. We shall be wanting to see this reflected in the Plan.



Submissions closed




Submissions to the Draft Plan have now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Let us hope that we have made a sufficient impact on the government that there is no social licence for mining in Valla.


We will update this page when further information becomes available about the final form of the Plan. We will continue to be vigilant in the protection of Valla from the unbridled destructive greed of the mining companies.


Council submission available to view




The submission points, collected from the community, to be made to the Department of Planning by the Nambucca Shire Council are now available to view. You will have to scroll about halfway down the page to Item 9 (Draft North Coast Regional Plan - Review and Submission).


Workshop material now available




The EDO has made available the material of the workshop that was held on Sunday 7th of May. You can download it here.



Writing a Submission




Following the workshop with the Envionmental Defenders Office (EDO) yesterday I have compiled this guide to help people to make an effective submission to the Draft Plan.



Step-by-step guide to making a submission online




I have compiled this quick guide to making an online submission. It covers the mechanics of submission, but not the contents.



Summary of meeting with Planning Department




Yesterday there was a public meeting organised by the NSW Planning Department to discuss aspects of the Draft Plan. Apparently it was meant to be a meeting of stakeholders and information about the meeting had been forwarded to appropriate organisations, peak bodies and environmental groups. Perhaps that is why no organisation I was involved with had heard of the meeting. I could find no reference to the meeting on the internet apart from this page. Having it at 3:00pm also did not help. In the end the meeting was attended by four people, three of them from Valla.


In the end it was a very constructive meeting. The important take home message is that the active involvement of the community is what will be most important to the outcome. If the community knows what they want, and are active and vocal about expressing it, then that outcome is most likely to be achieved.


To this end it is important that submissions to the Draft Plan be of high quality. This is why we are organising a submission writing workshop. You can find out more information about the workshop here and on facebook,



Preparing to make a Submission to the Draft Plan




This Thursday the Planning Department is having an information session about the Draft North Coast Regional Plan. This will be held at the Coffs Ex Services Club at 3:00pm, 28 April. Our local member, Nationals MP Melinda Pavey, will not be there but we will be. If you can get there come along.


Here is an article in the Nambucca Guardian that outlines how concerned our local member is about the prospect of making all of Valla a mine.


Don't forget to let us know at if you would like to attend the submission writing workshop at the Valla Beach Community Hall on Saturday, May 7 at 10:00am. This will be presented by the Environmental Defenders Office. You can view the promotional flyer here.


Results of Council Meeting




Thanks to all the people, over 400 of you, who turned up to the Valla Hall Council meeting on Thursday evening (14 April 2016) to express their concern about the North Coast Plan. I think we made an impression on our representatives that the residents of Valla do not want our beautiful valley to be threatened by mining.


This is a good start to our campaign to protect this community. In the next six weeks we have to ensure that as many people as possible make a submission to the Draft North Coast Plan. The presence of so many concerned resident is, I believe, forcing the Council to revise their submission to the plan. But it is up to all of us to make a submission because this is a State matter.


We are planning to have a submission workshop on Saturday, May 7 at the Valla Beach Hall. Note that this is tentative and has not been confirmed yet.


This is not a situation where form letters will work. All the submissions must be original and express what you feel. In the coming weeks we will list a number of tips for creating submissions. But at the very least are the following:


No mining of molybdenum - repeal the exploration licence EL-6702. People say that there are no plans to take this on to a mining licence. If that is so then remove the threat and repeal the licence.


No expansion of Valla Quarry. This poorly placed quarry has been the bane of residents for twenty years. When its current DA is finished then close the quarry and rehabilitate the site. Note that Hexagon Resources states that the molybdenum vein that they are interested in originates in the Valla Quarry site so if they were to follow through to a mining licence then this is where they would start.


No new mines.


Here is the report by Prime 7 on their Friday night news.


Here is a report on the ABC.


Here is a report in the Nambucca Guardian that appears to show contradictory information about the Exploration Licence. Does it expire in 2017 or has it been extended past 2017? Why extend the licence if there are no plans to go to a mining licence?


Here is a report of the meeting in the Coffs Harbour Advocate (16-4-2016).


Coffs Advocate report of Valla Hall meeting.



Council Meeting at Valla Hall


April 14 2016 at 5:30pm


The Issue: The NSW government has put forward a Draft North Coast Plan for public “consultation”. (Have you been invited?) Go to:

From here you can download the draft plan and also fill in a questionnaire to have your say.

The most disturbing item you will find, on page 33, is that Valla is earmarked to be a very large mine. The scope from the government maps is extensive. From the Pacific Highway in the East, the border with Bellingen Shire in the North, West to the Bollanollas, and South to Rodeo Drive and Tewinga.


Detail of map on page 35

The whole image can be found here.

What can you do? The first thing is to visit the planning website, have your say on the surveys on the page, and download the Draft Plan. Submissions close on June 2nd.

Secondly, turn up to the Council Meeting at Valla Hall this Thursday, 14th April at 5pm for light refreshments for meeting to start 5:30pm. Leave work early, babysit your children or take them along. Residents of Valla and Valla Beach - you need to be at this meeting.

We will have a petition that you can sign at the meeting, clearly stating that Valla and Shire residents do not give a social license for Valla Quarry to expand and to repeal Mining Exploration Licence EL 6702 and any other mining license that may pertain to Valla.

Please put your name on a contact list at the Meeting, so we can keep you informed and even better get you involved in the many activities that need to be done over the next six weeks. This meeting is too important to miss. Ensure your neighbour turns up too!

This is our one and only opportunity to speak out on our vision for the future of Valla. Our silence on this issue will be interpreted by the NSW government as consent for our homes to be turned into mine dust. Once this plan is in place it is locked in for 20 years and will only be expanded in the future.

We need to stand together as a community to refuse to have our beautiful valley end up as a mine.

We have until June 2nd 2016 to have our say on our vision for Valla and to reject the NSW and Nambucca Shire Council plans to turn Valla into a mine.



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